Phrasal Verbs – Practice Exercises based on questions from different Examination question papers

Phrasal Verbs  are usually two worded phrases consisting of   “Verb & adverb”  or  “Verb & preposition”.

Mostly phrasal verbs consist of two words but a few consist of three words which always stay together.


We should act on the advice of our parents.

They hit upon a plan to get out of the trouble.

We went across the river in a boat.

Consider the following sentences:

  1. He brought a watch for me. 
  1. His uncle brought up the child.

In the first sentence ‘bring’ is a transitive verb and it means ‘to fetch’. But in the second sentence, another word ‘up’ is added to it which changes its meaning altogether. Such a word is called a phrasal verb.

Examples : Abide by, bring up, come off, fall out, give up, make up, put on & put off etc.


Phrasal Verbs are of two types : Transitive & Intransitive.

Transitive Phrasal Verb is a verb having an object



Intransitive Phrasal Verb is a verb which is not followed by an object




Here under are exercises based on questions from Competitive Examinations question papers for practice. 

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5
Exercise 6
Exercise 7




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