Change the Voice – Active and Passive Voice – Interrogative Sentences

What is Voice – Active Voice & Passive Voice ? Why is voice needed?

While communicating we use words in a sentence according to the importance ascribed to them.


In other words  are placed in a sentence according to their importance in communication.

Usually a sentence has a subject, a verb and an object in it. A word is used as subject or object in a sentence according to the importance it carries with it.

Take the following examples to make it clear.

1. I wrote a letter to him.

2. I wrote him a letter.

3. A letter was written to him by me.

In these sentences the three key words I, letter and him are placed at different places in the sentences  according to the importance of these words in communication. As such the two forms of voice i.e. Active and Passive voice are used accordingly  while communicating. More important words are used as Subject and those of secondary place are used as an object in a sentence. For this necessary changes are made in the sentence.



The  process of making a change from active to passive form of a sentence is called ‘change of the voice’.


Interrogative sentences starting with words like ‘Who’, ‘Whom’, ‘Which’ , ‘Why’ ,’What’ ,’Whose’ , ‘How’ ,’Whom or ‘Where’   etc.

First of all it is necessary to know about the  words ‘who’ and ”whom’.

Difference between  ‘Who’ and ‘Whom’ while making their use  in a sentence :

Subject  Possessive Pronoun Object 
I My Me
We Our Us
You Your You
He His Him
She Her Her
They Their Them

 Similarly in case who and whom

Who Whose Whom

So when we use a word in Subject place it is ‘who’ and using in place of object it is ‘whom’.

Following example makes it clear.

Active voice  

Active Voice - Example with explanation

In passive object moves to the beginning of the sentence and subject to the end of the sentence.

In Passive voice  

Passive Voice - Example with explanation


Exams Preparation Tip
In examination this will help in questions relating to corrections, clause substitution and fill in the blanks etc.


For Example

Fill in the blank with a word out of  given options :

1………………(who/whom) do  you think will be elected captain?

2………………(who/whom) will the team elect captain?

To understand these sentences, think reply of these interrogative sentences in assertive form.i.e.

  1. I think……………..(he/him)will be elected captain.
  2. The team will elect……………(he/him) captain.

In the first sentence it is quite clear that subject form is required and out of the two options ‘he’ is the subject form. Out of who and whom  ‘who’ is the word in subject place. So in interrogative sentence’who’ will be used.

  1. Who do  you think will be elected captain.   or in other way   …………..( you think) will be elected captain?  Find out whether in this sentence  a subject or an  object is required.  It is clearly evident that a  subject is required and it is ‘who’.

Similarly in the second sentence it is evident that a word at object place is required. Out of he and him ‘him’ and out of who and whom ‘whom’  are the words at object place.

2. Whom will the team elect captain?        The team will elect him captain.

So the correct word is ‘Whom’.




While changing a sentence into passive voice Who is changed to  —- by whom

Examples :



Sentences for practice

Practice Exercise ONE
Practice Exercise TWO
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More Examples !



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